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Our Services

We are a full-service textile solutions company with a worldwide network, and the ability to service clients from SME’s to global businesses.

Bulk Ordering

If you find products on our website and wish to order in bulk of high quantities then we would be happy to assist you with your order. We can offer competitive prices for product bulk orders. Please contact or call us to discuss.

Fully-Managed Supply (Product As a Service PAaS)

Our flagship service model, where we get a deep understanding of your business and develop a fully-managed supply chain for you.  Our service here is very hands on ensuring that we work with your team to predict the peaks, troughs and changes in your demand alongside integrating our quality assurance with your own.

Outsourced Supply Chain

We work with many large clients developing outsourced supply chain solutions where we consolidate your buying and logistics functions into our own, meaning the balance sheet risk of stock holding is transferred to us- meaning you can use your precious capital on business growth and rely on our warehousing, distribution and logistics chain on-call.

Product Sourcing

Our team have decades of experience working with suppliers across the world on sourcing of bulk to bespoke products. Whatever your your requirements, we are confident our international supply chain can deliver.