Understanding GSM In Towels: A Guide To Buying The Perfect Towel

Bathroom linen is vital to any hotel room. Not only does it ensure guests are kept warm and comfortable during their stay, but it also helps create a great first impression of your establishment.

However, choosing the right towels for your business can be challenging, and you will need to determine the correct towel GSM to ascertain the ideal towels for your hotel.

Here at Linen Connect, we want to help you understand GSM in towels so you can buy the perfect towels for your guests. Read on for everything you need to know about GSM in towels!

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What is GSM in towels?

GSM, or grams per square metre, is the standard measurement for the weight and quality of fabrics expressed as a number. In short, GSM indicates a fabric’s density.

The GSM of fabric typically ranges from 200-900 GSM. Towels with higher GSM’s are commonly softer, more absorbent and often used in luxurious spas and hotels.

Towels with a lower GSM tend to be thin and light, so they are not particularly comfortable. However, they dry quickly, making them ideal for a beach or gym trip.

Towels with a medium GSM weight, often between 400 and 600, are popular for bath and guest towels as they are very soft and absorbent. Luxury towels usually have a GSM of 600 or more and are softer, heavier and highly absorbent.

GSM in other fabrics and towels

GSM can also be used to measure the weight and quality of fabrics and cotton which has been used for other garments. Cotton shirts or summer dresses often have a low GSM, usually in the 100s, as they are designed to keep you cool during warm weather.

A towel with a high GSM is crucial if you prefer good quality and softness. Towels with a GSM under 400 are often thinner and best used as beach or gym towels. Our range of high-quality leisure towels with GSM’s between 400 and 500 are comfortable and absorbent, making them ideal for gym and spa activities.

It is best to look for a towel within the 400-600 GSM range, as they are not too heavy yet very soft and absorbent. Towels with a GSM between 400-600 are ideal for use as a bath towel or to supply your guests.

Towels with a high GSM can typically be found in high-end hotels, as they are thick, soft and extremely absorbent. We now even provide towel bundle packs across our luxury 650 GSM Tuscany and 500 GSM Nimbus ranges, which are some of our highest GSM towels.

Benefits of higher GSM in towels

Towels with a high GSM are often considered luxury towels, despite being more costly. They provide a luxurious feel to the touch and are considered an investment, as they are more durable than towels with a lower GSM. 

Although towels with high GSM’s are higher in quality, they take longer to dry and require more care than other towels.

GSM weight characteristics

If you are looking for the perfect towel, it is important to understand the different characteristics of different GSM’s.

Towels generally increase in price as the GSM of the towel increases. The higher the GSM, the heavier your towel will be. Towels in the 200-400 GSM range are often lightweight and thin. The heaviest towels often have a GSM of 600 upwards. 

The level of absorption is dependent on the GSM of the towel. The towel’s level of absorption increases as the GSM increases. Towels with a low GSM will not be very absorbent, whereas high GSM towels will be incredibly absorbent. This principle is the same for the feel of the towel. The higher the GSM, the softer and more comfortable the towel will feel. Low GSM towels will dry quickly and easily, whereas the time it takes to dry and the amount of care needed increases as the towel’s GSM increases.

What GSM are hotel towels?

Bathroom linen in hotels often has a GSM ranging from 300-800, but 600 GSM is considered the ideal weight to provide guests with a cosy stay at a cost-effective price.

Towels with a GSM ranging from 400-600 are often used as bath or guest towels at independent accommodations and other modest hotels. These towels are lighter than luxurious towels with a higher GSM but are still very soft and comfortable. 

High-end hotels typically opt for a towel with a higher GSM to give their guests a taste of luxury during their stay.

Find the perfect towel with Linen Connect

Linen Connect stocks a wide range of premium towels to give your guests a comfortable stay. Available in various GSM’s, why not keep your guests cosy with a 400 GSM or 600 GSM towel?

Other bathroom linen is available to treat your guests to a luxurious stay. Keep your guests snug with high-quality bathrobes and bath mats, available in a crisp and relaxing white!

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