The Ultimate Guide To Hotel Pillows

Pillows are a crucial part of any bedding set and the most important thing in helping you to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

That’s why choosing soft, cosy pillows for your hotel’s guests should be one of your top priorities.

Here at Linen Connect, we want to advise you on choosing the best and most comfortable hotel pillow to help you to offer your guests a perfect, restful stay.

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Types of pillow fillings

There are various types of pillow fillings to choose from so you can ensure you find the perfect fit. Each type of pillow filling provides different levels of comfort and durability.

Microfibre pillows

Microfibre pillows are filled with fine polyester threads which have been tightly woven together. Microfibre pillows give you a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep at an affordable price. Microfibre pillows are perfect for hotels, as they are antimicrobial and moisture repellent, making them easy to maintain.

Microfibre pillows have a luxurious feel, giving everyone a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep. The filling of microfibre pillows is durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for hotel use.

Hollowfibre pillows

Hollowfibre pillows are made with fine polyester threads, much like microfibre pillows. However, hollowfibre pillows are more springy and lightweight. They are also very durable and perfect for those who suffer from allergies.

As hollowfibre pillows have a lot of gaps between their fibres, they are squishy and breathable, which makes them the ideal pillow for those wanting a cosy sleep. Hollowfibre pillows come at a reasonable price, making them good value for money for their softness and functionality.

Down and feather pillows

Premium hotels often use down and feather pillows for their soft and luxurious feel, which often have duck or goose feathers combined with down.

Although slightly more expensive than hollowfibre and microfibre pillows, down and feather pillows match the shape of the sleeper’s neck and head. This helps to provide maximum support and superb comfort. 

Down and feather pillows are a great investment as you can refill them for years of comfortable use.

Pillow firmness

Pillow firmness is dependent on the preference of the sleeper. Most hotels offer a soft and firm option so guests can decide which pillow to use. Soft pillows provide a softer and more comfortable sleep, whereas firmer pillows are perfect for those who prefer more supportive pillows. Firmer pillows can prevent stiffness by aligning your head and neck with your spine.

What are the best pillows for sleeping?

The type of pillow that you need is dependent on how you sleep. Finding the right pillow is crucial for a comfortable night’s sleep whilst offering sufficient support to the head and neck.

Front sleepers

Sleeping on your front is not recommended as this can put unnecessary stress on your muscles and joints, potentially causing long-term problems. A soft, thin pillow is the best option for those sleeping on their front, as very little height is needed due to the spine being relatively straight.

Side sleepers

A tall and firm pillow is highly recommended for those who sleep on their side. Sleeping on your side often results in bending your neck drastically due to the large gap between your neck and the mattress. Tall and firm pillows reduce this gap, offering comfort and support.

Back sleepers

When sleeping on your back, your spine is already in a relatively natural position, minimising the stress on your neck. Medium to firm pillows are the most suitable pillow for back sleepers, as they help to keep your neck in a natural position. Your head may tilt, causing unnecessary stress on your neck if the pillow is too soft.

Pillow covers

At Linen Connect, we stock various styles and patterns of pillowcases so that you can find the perfect fit. For more creative designs, our Charlotte Thomas bedding range is perfect for reinventing any hotel room. Our luxurious range of pillowcases is available in housewife, bag and mock Oxford styles to suit any preference. Pillowcases at Linen Connect come in a range of thread counts and materials to provide guests with a cosy and comfortable night’s sleep.

What kind of pillows do hotels use?

Premium hotels often provide goose or duck down pillows for the supreme comfort they provide. Down pillows retain the shape of the sleeper’s head and neck to provide the highest level of support whilst sleeping. Down pillows are exceptional at maintaining body heat and are breathable, making them the ideal pillow for all seasons.

Guests sometimes prefer a different kind of pillow, so it is important to offer a variety of pillows based on firmness and filling. Some guests may need certain pillow types for extra support or personal preference.

For independent accommodations, microfibre and hollowfibre pillows are fantastic and a cheaper option than down pillows. Microfibre and hollowfibre pillows are perfect for adding to hotel rooms for their long-lasting and durable design, as they are easy to maintain.

How often should you replace hotel pillows?

It is crucial to keep pillows clean to give your guests the best possible stay. Hotel pillows should be replaced frequently. Pillows should be replaced and washed between guests staying at the hotel to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Household pillows should be replaced every one to two years. Mould and allergens can accumulate as pillows absorb dead skin cells, hair and sweat. Using a pillow protector can help to increase your pillows’ lifespan.

Find the perfect pillow with Linen Connect

This guide will help you with all you need to know about hotel pillows and what to consider for choosing the right pillow. Linen Connect’s ISO-accredited products ensure only the highest quality pillows for your hotel.

Why not browse the latest range of premium pillows at Linen Connect to ensure your guests have a comfortable and peaceful stay?

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