The Ultimate Guide For Buying Hotel Towels

Hotel towels are an essential part of bathroom linen and go a long way to ensuring your guests have a comfortable visit.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a towel, from the size and weight to how it is constructed and the visual appeal.

At Linen Connect, we’re giving you advice on how to give your guests the best possible stay with our ultimate guide on buying hotel towels.

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What makes a good towel?

Soft, high-quality towels are the best hotel option as they help give your guest a cosy and pleasant stay. A towel made from 100% cotton or a 100% combed cotton towel is the best choice for soft and absorbent hotel towels. Linen Connect’s five-star customer-rated towels are made from ringspun yarns, which is ideal for stronger towels.

Always look for a towel with double-turned edges and double stitching, as these will be highly durable and long-lasting. Towels with denser loops will be more absorbent, so always inspect the towel before buying. If the base of the towel is visible, it will not be very absorbent.

You should never judge the softness of a towel in-store, as manufacturers add a layer of coating to make it feel softer to the touch. This coating may come off after a couple of washes resulting in a rougher towel. Always check the material to ensure it keeps the same softness after washing. Towels that feel heavier than they look will be high-quality and highly absorbent, so always ensure you pick the towel up from the shelf to test.

Towel sizes

Depending on the manufacturer, some towels may come in different sizes; however, the approximate sizes for each type of towel at Linen Connect are as follows:

  • Face cloths – 30x30cm
  • Bath mats – 50x75cm
  • Hand towels – 50x90cm and 50x100cm
  • Bath towels – 65x135cm and 70x135cm
  • Bath sheets – 90x150cm, 100x150cm and 100x175cm

Five-star customer-rated towels at Linen Connect vary in size due to the different towel qualities and are available in a range of bundles. Bath towels and bath sheets are ideal for drying the hair and body after bathing, whereas bath mats keep the floor dry while guests dry off. Hand towels are useful for drying your hands, and washcloths are perfect for washing your face.

Towel weights

GSM, or grams per square metre, is often expressed as a number to determine the weight and quality of the fabric. GSM is an indicator of the density of the fabric, and Linen Connect’s five-star customer-rated towels range from 400gsm to 650gsm. Our bath mats range from 650gsm to 850gsm.

Our range of Alto and Arcus budget towels are 450gsm and 500gsm, making them perfect for independent hotels. If you are looking for a leisure towel for the gym or beach, our Stratus range uses superior yarns and has a 400gsm.

For a sense of luxury, our Nimbus, Cirrus, and Tuscany towels use superior yarns and are 500gsm, 600gsm and 650gsm, respectively, ideal for those wanting a warm and comfortable towel. Our luxurious and highly absorbent Alto, Nimbus and Tuscany bath mats are 650gsm, 750gsm and 850gsm, respectively.

If you want more information regarding GSM in towels, why not browse our blog to ensure you buy the perfect towel?

Towel materials

Several materials can be used for manufacturing towels, which can change the overall look or feel of the towel. Below are some materials that are often used in the manufacturing of towels:

  • Cotton/Combed Cotton – Hotel towels that are 100% cotton or combed cotton are a great choice as they are very soft and absorbent.
  • Egyptian cotton – Egyptian cotton is made with extra long threads which are highly absorbent, and pilling is less likely. Egyptian cotton is the ideal hotel towel for high-end establishments.
  • Turkish cotton – This material is made from extra-long fibres like Egyptian cotton and is highly absorbent and lightweight, making it the perfect luxury towel.
  • Micro cotton – Originating from India, micro cotton is made from long fibres woven into long loops. Micro cotton has a similar feel to suede and is highly absorbent and soft.

Construction of a towel

Several terms in towel manufacturing will help to determine how soft, durable and absorbent a towel is. Below are some terms that are used to determine how towels are made:

  • High-twist – High-twist towels are more durable than zero and low-twist towels. Despite being more durable, they are stiffer and less absorbent.
  • Ring spun – Short and long fibres are spun together to create a strong, durable towel. This makes them withstand commercial laundry washing.
  • Single-ply – Single-ply towels are thinner and less durable than two-ply towels.

Visual appeal

Although a towel’s softness, absorbency and durability is the main aspect to focus on for hotel bathroom linen, it is important to ensure that the towels add a visually appealing aspect to any room. Ensure all your towels are intact and in good condition to alleviate your hotel’s interior. White is the most popular colour for towels, but if you plan on using coloured towels, ensure that the manufacturer uses high-quality dyes to ensure the towels will not lose their colour after washing.

Find the perfect hotel towel with Linen Connect

Linen Connect has a wide range of premium bath towels, hand towels and bath sheets to elevate your hotel’s bathroom linen. Linen Connect’s bathroom linen ensures only the highest quality.

As well as providing only the highest quality products, Linen Connect is deeply committed to maintaining Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, so they act in your best interests. Why not add to your bathroom linen collection and browse our latest range of face cloths or bathrobes?

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